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  Heat Exchangers

Process Technology heat exchangers and heating/cooling coils are designed for the demands of corrosive chemical heating.  A wide variety of standard and custom configurations are available.  Materials of construction include: fluoropolymer, titanium, 316 stainless steel, plain steel, and several exotic metals such as Zirconium.  Most of our heat exchangers are open tank designs, however, we also have some inline designs such as stainless steel spiral plate units.  Excellent engineering and design assistance is available upon request.

Metal Coils Metal Coils

Metal Coils: Heat exchangers designed and built to your specific application, including simple "U" coils, single and multi bank grid coils, helical coils, serpentine coils, standard and custom designs. Wide variety of materials available.

Fuoropolymer Coils

Fuoropolymer Coils: Excellent chemical compatibility. Rugged construction with perforated guards. Variety of sizes and configurations available.

Inline Heat Exchangers

Inline Heat Exchangers: Engineered specifically to your needs. Spiral plate, tube-in-tube and other designs available. Variety of materials of construction.


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